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Dopamine (DA)

This section of our Site provides basic information regarding the neurotransmitters dopamine (DA), which has been implicated in Parkinson's disease, and is closely related to our current or planned research projects; please use the links below:


DA References (2003)    (917 References)

DA Review References (2003)  (230 References)

DA Review References (2002)  (395 References) DA Review References (2001)  (476 References).

Note: The links below lead to references published in 2002-2003 and are sorted by the name associated with a given link and the keyword "dopamine"; e.g., the "neurodegeneration" link below contains 140 references found using the search keywords "dopamine" and "neurodegeneration".

bullet agonists (188 references)
bullet antagonists (229 references)
bullet genetic (78 references)
bullet lewy bodies (52 references)
bullet neurodegeneration (140 references)
bullet oxidative stress (49 references)
bullet parkinson disease (152 references)
bullet quinone (28 references)
bullet schizophrenia (86 references)
bullet substantia nigra (76 references)
bullet synuclein (70 references)
bullet transporter (122 references)
bullet tyrosine hydroxylase (85 references)